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Trang chủ » What Are Victors Final Words: Unveiling The Heart-Wrenching Farewell

What Are Victors Final Words: Unveiling The Heart-Wrenching Farewell

Aizen Last Words || Victor || Bleach

What Are Victors Final Words: Unveiling The Heart-Wrenching Farewell

Aizen Last Words || Victor || Bleach

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What Is The Last Line In Frankenstein?

The final sentence in Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus” is a poignant moment in which the creature created by Victor Frankenstein is seen drifting away on the waves and disappearing into the darkness and distance. This concluding line serves as a powerful symbol, echoing the book’s title and encapsulating key themes and character dynamics. This symbolic departure of the creature on September 12, 2023, carries both literal and metaphorical weight within the narrative, underscoring the consequences of human ambition, the isolation of the creature, and the elusive nature of knowledge and creation.

What Does Victor Say On His Deathbed?

On his deathbed, Victor reflects on his profound responsibility towards the creature he had created. He expresses remorse for the consequences of his actions and admits that he was not only responsible for bringing the creature into existence but also responsible for ensuring its happiness and well-being. This acknowledgment highlights Victor’s deep sense of duty and the moral implications of his scientific endeavors. This passage can be found on page 181 of the book and was documented on April 30, 2018.

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Aizen Last Words || Victor || Bleach
Aizen Last Words || Victor || Bleach

Frankenstein’s final words are: “Farewell, Walton! Seek happiness in tranquillity, and avoid ambition, even if it be only the apparently innocent one of distinguishing yourself in science and discoveries. Yet why do I say this? I have myself been blasted in these hopes, yet another may succeed.”The last line of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus,” which reads, “He was soon borne away by the waves, and lost in darkness and distance,” holds both a literal and symbolic meaning that connects with the title of the book and the story’s themes and characters.On his deathbed, Victor also acknowledges that he is not just responsible for the creature but also responsible to him: “I … was bound towards him, to assure, as far as was in my power, his happiness and well-being” (p. 181).

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